Thai Ngoc Anh T, 8 years old, in Binh Chanh

I am Thai Ngoc Anh T’s father. My daughter was born to suffer hearing loss, a disability in speaking .When she was young, we thought that her development in speaking ability is slowly, and waited to see her improvement patiently. When she was 2 years old, we took her to a hospital, and we knew that she had a severe congenital hearing loss. We were advised to equip her with hearing aids. Thanks to the hearted advice and guidance of Stella Hearing Aid Center, we chose the BTE BOLD 3 hearing aids for her and applied for her to study at a special school for deaf children in District 1. Finally, happiness came to us. With these hearing aids and the teachers’ devotion, my daughter can hear and talk. She is going to study in grade 2. She is very smart and clever.

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