Pham Tan H, 30 years old, in Vung Tau City

I had a severe sudden hearing loss. I had a medical check-up and got treatment for hearing loss in a hospital, but it was too late to improve my hearing. The doctor advised me to wear hearing aids. Because of that, I felt disheartened and disapointed. I just quit my job, and still tried to find a new one. If I worn big and visible hearing aids like an old person, how could I apply a new job? Having an ideological struggle in several days, I finally decided to try how hearing aids were. I went to Stella Hearing Aid Center. The audiologists in Stella Center understood my worry, they consulted me to wear small, super power, and completely in the ear canal hearing aid with many magical functions. I tried wearing those hearing aids and how wonderful they were! They helped me to hear the sound and to understand speech like before. However, I was in a financial trouble. Sympathizing with my situation, Stella Center found a way to help me to solve problem and to have those hearing aids. With these two completely in the cannal hearing aids, I can communicate with every people in daily life, but no one knows I am using hearing aids. I lastly find a new job. I really appreciate the development of science and thank Stella hearing aid center for their helpful consultations.

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