Nguyen Trong T, 86 years old, in Tan Binh district

I had a hearing loss long time ago. When my family members wanted to talk with me, they had to shout a loud as people had a fight so that I could hear but I can only hear some words. Because of that, my family rarely talked to me. I didn’t understand other’s saying, so I did not want to talk to others, even with my family. I felt alienated from others and easily got angry with people for no reason.

One day, my son knew Stella Hearing aid Center by chance and he took me there. I got a hearing test. The result showed that I got a severe age-related hearing loss. Stella Hearing Aids Center advised me to wear hearing aids and my son chose for me the legend 9 UP hearing aid from Beltone manufacturer. From the day using hearing aids, I feel happier and more confident. I can comunicate with my friends everyday. My children and grandchildren often ask for my health. I don’t feel moody and lonely anymore.

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