Nguyen thi V, 18 years old, in Binh Phuoc province

I am Nguyen Thi V’s father. My daughter is unlucky to suffer from mental retardation, a malformation in the lower jaw, and a severe hearing loss. Although my wife and I visited many hospitals and health centers to treat her with every possible means, her hearing couldn’t improve. Therefore, we decided to go to Stella Hearing Aid center and equipped her with hearing aids. Stella Hearing Aid Center made a special hearing test for non-cooperated patient like my daughter. Basing on the profound conductive hearing loss result, Stella Hearing Aid Center helped her to choose suitable hearing aids. Seeing her happy face when she can hear, understand speech and repeat some simple words with the hearing aids, I cried in happiness. However, my joy was mixed with an anxiety because she had to wear 2 hearing aids, but my financial situation can afford only one. Having sympathy with my situation, Stella Hearing aid center sponsored her one hearing aid. We were so happy to receive this hearing aid. Now, my poor daughter can try to talk with all family members. Thank Stella from the bottom of my heart.

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