Nguyen Thi Quynh N, 8 years old, in Lam Đong province

I am Nguyen Thi Quynh N’s mother. After being born, my daughter could hear and talk but there is lisp in her voice. We were not afraid because we thought she was too young to talk clear. When she grew up, she couldn’t pronounce words clearly and her listening ability became bad. Especially, she often told us: “when talking to me, you should talk in left side, speak slowly and loudly, so I can hear clearly, but I can’t hear in my right ear”. We took her to Stella hearing aid center to get a hearing test and got to know that she has a severe hearing loss in the right ear, the left ear is in moderate level, and she needs to support hearing aids. With Stella’s guidance and advice, we choose hearing aids which are suitable for each of her ear. When she wears these hearing aids, she can hear well from both sides and we don’t need to shout loudly for her to understand. Her pronounciation becomes much better especially the “r, th, ph, s” sounds.

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