Nguyen Thi M, 67 years old, in Tân Phú district….

I had an otitis media when I was young, and alredy had a surgery. From that time, my hearing became bad. When others wanted to talk to me, they usually had to shout a loud for me to understand. I am a business woman. I have to contact with many customers, but having a hard hearing was a big obstacle to my bussiness. I was too much worry, but didn’t know what to do! Three years ago, my friend advised me to go to Stella Hearing Aid center for a hearing test. I was so happy to go this place immediately. Stella Center made an otoscopy test and a hearing test for me. They also carefully explained my hearing loss status, and consulted me to support hearing aids soon. Thanks to Stella advices, I chose suitable hearing aids. From that time, I can hear clearly, my customers don’t have to shout loudly for me to understand, I also don’t need to reply them like: “what, huh??” when talking to them. My business is becoming better. I am so hapy.

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