Nguyen Quang L, 81 years old in Tan Binh district

I am a French Vietnamese resident, having a hard of hearing long time ago but I had no time to get the hearing test. When I went back to visit Viet Nam several years ago, my relatives took me to Stella Hearing Aid Center to test my hearing. Stella Hearing Aid Center thoroughly explained the hearing test result for me to understand my age-related hearing loss (presbycusis), and consulted me to use hearing aids which are suitable to both my practical situation and my hearing need. Two hearing aids are very useful to me. I am not afraid to talk to others. I can even call my friends and watch TV easily. My life now is not boring like before. Every year, I usually go back to Viet Nam to visit my relatives, to take care of my parents’s tombs, and to visit Stella hearing aid center to check my hearing again and take periodic cleaning for my hearing aids. All the staffs in Stella hearing aid center are always thoughtful, hearty to welcome me whenever I come.

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