Short description of the product being updated ...

 - 16 channel/16 band, computer-programmable hearing aid
 - 4 listening programs
 - Wireless with speech shift
- The only ultra-power wireless IIC in the market
- Good for mild to severe Hearing loss patients who are under severe high frequency hearing loss
- Tinnitus technology
- Ear to ear technology
- Strong noise and feedback control
- Directionality (premium model)
- Ultra power model for severe to profound hearing loss patients is available by custom order
- Battery size: 10

- Warranty Center in Ho Chi Minh City: 171 Xuan Hong, Ward 12, Tan Binh District.
- Warranty Center in Hanoi: 23 Phuong Mai, Phuong Mai Ward, Dong Da District
Warranty situations:
1. The warranty card must be valid and be issued by Stella Hearing Aid Center.
2. There are some technical problems when the product is till in warranty period
Non-warranty situations:
1. The products are purchased at other Hearing aid Centers.
2. The warranty period is over.
3. Customer repairs the hearing aids by themselves or brings the hearing aids to other Hearing aid Center to repair.
4. Ear-mold, hearing aid accessories, gifts or tubing of BTE hearing aid are non-warranty.
5. There are problems with hearing aid due to customer’s faults