Some people think that a hearing test can only be properly conducted in some sort of sound-proof booth. This is not the case. The audiologist has specialist equipment, including headphones that can test your hearing just as accurately in any quiet room in your home. As your hearing loss changes over time, retuning is a common reason for people needing to make further appointments. It can be very useful to have these appointments done at home as you are already in the environment you use the hearing aids in.

A home visit hearing test is no different to one done at a clinic. The audiologist will examine your ears first to check for blockage or signs of infection, then they will conduct a full hearing test to determine the exact level of hearing loss you have. Once this information has been gathered, they will then sit down and discuss with you all the options they believe would be suitable for your hearing needs.

Our home visits are there to provide a solution, not only for those who cannot leave the house, but for those who need a convenient, less time consuming way of getting their hearing tested.