Dinh Viet T, 91 years old, in Tan Binh district

I suffered a hearing loss for more than 5 years. I felt depressed when attending a mass in a church. I could not hear not only pastor’s words but also others’s prayers. I am a minister who helps to give Holy Comunion (Eucharist) to Christains in a church, but I could not work well because of my hearing loss. I went to Stella hearing aid center to check my hearing. The result showed that I got a moderate conductive hearing loss, and I needed to be equipped with hearing aids. According to Stella Hearing Center’s advice, I chose the Puretone completely in the ear canal hearing aids. These two hearing aids give me happiness. I understand other’s words and the sound is really natural. There is no noise in my ears. Now, when attending the mass in the church, I understand the pastor’s explaination, and I can pray with others.

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