Đao Tang D, 90 years old, in Tan Binh District

I am 90 years old. Passing the age of the cross, but my eyes are still good, and I can even ride a bike well. The only sad thing is that I can’t hear. I live with my wife, my children and grand children, but I feel like I live alone. Because of my hearing loss, I cannot understand other people and can’t enjoy talking with my family. My wife, nices and nephews also tried to talk to me but they had to talk in very loud voice for me to understand. I felt depressed and didn’t know what to do! My son knew Stella Hearing Aid Center by chance and he took me there. Luck came to me, after making hearing test, Stella Hearing Aid Center helped to choose the right hearing aids for me to hear clearly, and the price is affordable. From now on, with the hearing aids, my life is becoming much happier than before. I can talk to my wife and my family members. Thank Stella a lot.

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