Bui Thai C, 60 years old, in Tan Binh district

I worked as a reporter when I served in Vietnam army. Everyday, I had to wear a headset for 10 hours.

After leaving the army, I worked as a radio engineer. In 2014, I noticed that I suffered a hearing loss and got difficulty in catching other’s speech day by day.  Hard hearing loss affected my job a lot, especially when I was in the meeting. Thus, I went to hospital, and the doctor diagnosed that I had a hearing loss. He also avised me to wear hearing aids but I was hesistant because I though I would affect my job. My wife always urged and encouraged me to try hearing aids; moreover, my hearing became more and more severe, so I found a hearing aid center as the doctor’s advice.  According to my hearing test and my wish, Stella Center consulted me very small, completely in the ear canal hearing aids. Thanks to these hearing aids, I don’t have any trouble in meetings at all. Thanks technology development, thank Stella for helping me to continue to work.

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